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Cockaroach Pest Control

Protect you and your family from everyday household pests. Schedule a free inspection today!

Fly Pest Control

There's no room for pests in your business. Let our commercial services squash your problem. Schedule a free inspection today!

Mosquito Pest Control

Take back your weekends and enjoy your yard free of mosquitos. We'll use our pet friendly mosquito fogger to swat those pesky mosquitoes down. Schedule a free inspection today!

Flea and Tick Pest Control

Keep your furry friends safe from pesky fleas and ticks. Ticks can carry harmful diseases such as Lyme Disease. Schedule a free inspection today!

Bees, Hornets, and Wasps Pest Control

Bees and Hornets can sting you or your family. Keep everyone safe with our bee and hornet pest control service. Schedule a free inspection today!

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Termites cause billions in property damage every year. Get your termites terminated today. Schedule a free inspection today!

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents can cause you thousands of dollars in property damage and carry diseases that can infect your family. Schedule a free inspection today!

Wildlife Pest Control and Capture

From raccoons to opossums we can trap that wildlife animal. Schedule a free inspection today!

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Ant Pest Control

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Ant Pest Control

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At Duck Duck Pest Control we are certified pest control specialists here to protect you and your family from annoying pests. Offering everything from the best pest control services to wildlife capture. We service Miami Dade, Broward, and Monroe County. All our chemicals are child and pet friendly.



“Duck Duck Pest control has really helped eliminate and control the number of pests in my house and backyard.”

Nicholas P. Miramar

Best Pest Control service in South Florida

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One Call Does It All
Duck Duck Pest Control is the professional service residences and commercial businesses call for their pest management needs.  Whether the issue is a hornet’s nest, invasive termites, dangerous wildlife on site, or a rash of rodents, we have the training, tools and experience to get rid of your problem – fast. Our pest control services are humane and effective. While some vermin, like termites, require extermination to keep you and your property safe, we also employ trap-and-remove solutions for wildlife whenever possible.
Your safety and customer experience are our number one priority. That is why we arrive on site, on time, and with all the tools needed to tackle the problem. After a pest control inspection, a plan of action is quickly formulated. Our extermination products are lethal for rodents and vermin, but safe to use around children and pets. We work fast, we work clean, and we remove the stress of the situation along with the pests. No more worrying about your home or health – we are the best exterminator near you for the job.

Pests in South Florida: Your Threat Level
Your reasons for typing “pest control near me” into a search engine depend on a few factors. Florida is home to a number of bothersome pests, but some prefer more rural areas while others thrive in the cities. The condition of your home, the presence of water features or a pool, and other such factors also drive the need for the best pest control services. Following is an overview of what to watch for on your property.
Rodents love the beach
What’s not to love about warm sand, natural (and non-natural treats from tourists) in abundance, and great dunes to build nests and burrows? Rodents love the beach, so if you live on the coastline, your threat level goes up. When the cooler months come or the smell of your backyard BBQ tempts them, rodents will be happy to move into your house. For all your rodent pest control needs near the coastline or across southern Florida, call us.
Ants want to move in
Ants are a major pest control issue across the entire state of Florida. Hearty, smart, and numerous, armies of ants go on the hunt for water. Florida homes, with their sprinklers, pools, and fountains, are a natural haven for these pests. It’s not just regular ants you need to worry about. Fire ants, an aggressive species with a nasty bite, can infest your garden. Pavement ants, while not as aggressive, are incredibly prolific and like to nest in the ground by building foundations. Our ant pest control services get rid of the problem, for good.
Ticked off by Ticks
Ticks are dangerous because they spread Lyme disease, which can be debilitating. Your threat level for ticks is high if your home is surrounded by natural foliage, you live in a rural area, or you spend a lot of time outdoors. Ticks affect both humans and animals. Contact us for tick pest control services to help keep you and your family safe.

More to Explore
These are just three of the many pests those in south Florida must deal with. Explore our website for more in-depth information on the pests in your area, the threat they pose, and how Duck Duck Pest Control will help. We look forward to arriving quickly with all our equipment and products to give you your home – and your life – back, pest-free.

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