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Best Bees, Hornet, and Wasp Pest Control in Miami Dade, Broward, Monroe County

Bee And Hornet removal

Enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about getting stung or bit by a bee or hornet. Our certified bee exterminators ensure control of your problem. Tell us what's bugging you! Get a free inspection today!

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Bee and Hornet Removal today

Ongoing Bee and Hornet Removal Service

Initial thorough exterior inspection to identify level of bee or hornet population and nest inspection

Our aerosol spray penetrates deep into the nest to quickly and effectively eliminate the hive

Our ongoing bee and hornet pest control service is a tailored plan customized for your needs

Best Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Pest Control in South Florida
Best Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Exterminator

One-time Bee and Hornet Removal Service

Thorough exterior inspection to identify level of bee or hornet population and nest inspection

Our aerosol spray penetrates deep into the nest to quickly and effectively eliminate the hive

Our one-time service has a 30-day guarantee. If you see any pests with-in 30 days of the treatment we'll come back free of charge

Did you know?

Best Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Exterminator Near Me

Wasp venom contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive

Best Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Pest Control Near Me

A honey bee can fly for six miles and can reach speeds up to 15 miles an hour

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp colonies grow quickly! A colony of wasps can grow to 50,000 in one summer.

Wasp Nest Removal Near Me

The queen bee can lay 600-1,500 eggs a day during her 3-4 year lifespan

Best Bee and Hornet Removal in South Florida

Bees, wasps and hornets are found across South Florida. All three sting, and for some, those stings can cause a severe allergic reaction. When a nest or colony is spotted near a home or residential area, call Duck Duck Pest Control for fast and effective extermination or nest removal.

What’s the Buzz?
South Florida is home to a variety of bees, wasps, and hornets including the humble honeybee, the bald-faced hornet and the yellow jacket. All have one thing in common – they sting. The CDC recorded 1,109 deaths from bee, wasp and hornet stings between 2000-2017. These pests are not to be messed with – call a professional exterminator to handle this issue. Don’t try to handle a colony or nest on your own. 

The Health Concerns
Not everyone is allergic to the stings of bees, wasps and hornets. The most-low risk people feel pain and experience swelling and itching at the sting site. The more-at-risk also experience rashes and hives due to an allergic reaction. The highest risk can experience anaphylaxis, sometimes in as little as five minutes. This is a life-threatening reaction that requires immediate medical intervention.

Until one is stung, it is difficult to know if an allergy is present – and that can be the worst possible way to find out. The best way to handle bees, wasps and hornets is to avoid them. If an allergy is known or suspected, always carry an EpiPen or an oral antihistamine like Benadryl.

Building Concerns
Bees, hornets and wasps cause building concerns when they colonize or build nest inside walls or, attach to the building’s exterior. The longer you avoid calling a “bee exterminator near me,” or call for wasp pest control, the larger the problem will grow. 

An early sign of a bee infestation in a home is the emergence of dark patches on the interior walls and/or ceiling. If nests are spotted around the home, or you often see plenty of bees buzzing the exterior of your house, this also indicates a possible infestation.

The papery lantern-like structures of wasp and hornet nests are easy to spot, as they attach to the exterior of buildings, trees, shrubs and structures. Wasps and hornets are defensive and will attack if you threaten their nest. Call for wasp pest control for your own safety, and for complete removal of the nest or colony.

Pervasiveness of The Problem
Bees, wasps and hornets are a common problem across South Florida, with the most active periods for these stingers being the hot, summer months (June and July).

Bee, Wasp and Hornet Pest Control
Since it is difficult to predict your reaction to a sting, the best thing to do is avoid being stung. When an infestation, nest or colony appears, call Duck Duck Pest Control. Where possible, we will remove or eradicate the colony using safe methods that do not affect children, household residents and pets. If a threat is imminent, such as an aggressive wasp nest near the entrance of a high-traffic building, extermination may be the best course.

Whether it is a growing colony of bees in the walls of your home or a wasp nest at your place of business, Duck Duck Pest Control will take charge, fast. We are proud to service Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Monroe County. Contact us today for the best pest control service in South Florida.

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