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Our Local Spiders: Which Ones Do You Not Want in Your House?

The beautiful, tropical weather of South Florida is why many people choose to live and visit here, but there is a downside. Our climate is perfect for pests that thrive in the heat – including spiders. Funny, isn’t it, how we are all at one with nature until nature comes into our homes in the form of eight-legged, web weaving arachnids? Even if you don’t mind spiders, there are some that have no place being in your home. Here are a few spiders that should have you picking up the phone to call the “best exterminator near me.”

Spider Pest Control Miami

The Black Widow

Honestly with a name like that, you know this one weaves trouble. Identified by their shiny black skin and red hourglass marking, they look like a villain from a superhero comic. They act like it too, if they bite you. All spiders tend to mind their own business; it’s not plotting to wrap you in web as you sleep – but if in fear or cornered, the black widow can bite. And that is when the trouble begins.

The venom affects your nervous system. The degree to which you are affected varies by person and ranges from pain to vomiting to severe cramping and swelling, and even loss of movement/weakness.

If you are seeing black widows in your home, call a spider exterminator. Not only will we remove the spiders, but we will also check for a nest and find out where they are coming in.

The Orb Weaver

Orb weavers can be kind of pretty. Some have little crab shaped bodies and some look more like cigars (with legs…) and they come in a variety of fun colors. Their bite is mild and unless allergic, you will probably just go “ow,” and that is the end of that. They are not dangerous.

But they still have no place in your house.

Orb weavers, especially the spiny ones, avoid going into houses. They prefer shrubs and grass tufts. If you are seeing weavers indoors you have an egress point that is going to be a much larger problem for more dangerous pests.

If you see orb weavers chilling in your home, contact spider exterminators. Not only will we gently take these beautiful creatures outside, but we will also examine the home for the entry point, find out if there is a nest, and advise you on how to seal the issue to prevent further problems.

The Wolf Spider

Are they dangerous? Nope. Their venom is mild. So, what is the problem? What’s wrong with the adorably named wolf spider in your home? They don’t spin webs. They don’t have to because that is not how they catch their prey. Instead, they chase it down – like a wolf.

So, imagine this. You are relaxing after a long day of work. You see a movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn to see a 35 mm eight-legged spider throw off the tissue it was burrowing under and charge at you faster than you can blink.

Okay that is not how it works, minus the burrowing part. They do burrow, so if a wolf spider is in your home, if will likely hide under something. And like most spiders, they only bite if cornered or threatened. But there is a chance that it will startle (hello house cat) and charge. You do not want this. This is what nightmares are made of.

What you do want is a spider exterminator, especially if you have a wolf spider nest. Revisit the scenario above but consider several of these things hiding in your laundry, under the newspaper, in the box of Fido’s toys…. Yes, just call a spider exterminator.

The Best Exterminator Near Me

Spiders are our friends. They eat bugs. They can do a lot of good. But some are dangerous, and some simply give us the creeps. If you see a lot of spiders in your home, don’t delay. Call a spider exterminator. The issue could be part of a larger or developing problem.

We are the spider exterminators in South Florida homeowners call when indoor spiders need to get out. We are fast, efficient, affordable and humane. Remember, if there are a lot of spiders, there could be a much bigger issue at play. Don’t take chances, especially when there are children or pets in the home. Call the best spider exterminator in town – us – to get to the root of the problem.


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