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Three Tips for Getting Rid of Ants

Ants have a pretty good reputation as far as insects go. They are the major figure in parables about the value of hard work. They march in adorable lines and build structurally sound dwellings. However, all bets are off when ants enter your home or yard. When that happens, you need to call ant exterminators in south Florida.

What’s Wrong with Ants?

One or two ants wandering into your house is not a problem. Simply relocate it or quickly (and painlessly) squish it. However, ants live in colonies. If you see several ants, or more ants in the home over time, you could be facing an infestation.

In Florida, there are several types of ants, but most can be put into categories of: house ants, yard ants, and carpenter ants.

House ants are the ones that seek out your pantry and celebrate the readily available and constant source of food. Once house ants are in the pantry, you need to call an “exterminator near me,” fast. Like any animal focused on survival – especially ones that function like a hive mind in a colony– they are hard-pressed to give up the sudden windfall. This is costly as they invade your kitchen and spoil your good food.

Yard ants can damage structural foundations and wreak havoc on your landscaping. Since ants propagate quickly, larger hills can disturb your lawn and the ants can also damage your garden. How? Well, ants and aphids have a symbiotic relationship. If you have yard ants, an aphid infestation is likely to follow. Unchecked yard ant colonies can actually push paving stones and damage your patio over time. The tunnels between the stones/planks weaken the structure and encourage the growth of weeds and moss.

Getting Rid of Ants: Three Tips

Use household deterrents

There are many things ants don’t love, like pepper, tea tree oil, vinegar, and Borax. These items have been used successfully to deter house ants. However, household items are not always the best solution. Having piles of pepper or cotton balls soaked with vinegar around the home is inconvenient at best, and bad for pets and babies/toddlers at worst.

Seal small cracks and entrance points

Ants only need a small space to squeeze through, so if you see them in the home and rush to seal off cracks in the foundations and walls, or around windows, you are on the right track. However, if you have not called an “exterminator near me” you could very well be sealing the problem right into your walls. If you already have a nest in the walls and you don’t realize it, they will continue to propagate… with no way out besides eating through the wood.

Call the best ant exterminators in South Florida

When ants are in your home, yard, or building envelope, the best thing to do is call Duck Duck Pest Control, the best ant exterminators in South Florida. Our pest control solutions are safe for pets and children, and we do a fast, professional, thorough job. We don’t just get rid of the ants, we look for the root of the problem, nests, entrance points, and more. We advise homeowners on long-term solutions, be it sealing cracks or multiple treatments for deep nests and persistent colonies.

Don’t let ants rob your pantry, chew up your yard, or destabilize your foundation. Duck Duck Pest Control is the number to call when looking for the best “exterminator near me” in South Florida. Let us take care of what is bugging you today.


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