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Ultrasonic Pest Control? Only if You Want a Haunted House

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

You see mouse droppings, hear the scratching of termites, or scuttle to the other side of the room as a large spider wanders across the hall. You don’t want those pests in you home, but you don’t want to harm them either. Ultrasonic pest control seems like a great idea. Simply plug the device in and let the frequency take care of the vermin. Well, not so fast. Not only are these not reliable devices, they can make you feel like you are living in a haunted house. When humane pest removal is the goal, rely on Duck Duck Pest Control in South Florida.

sonic sound pest control

What is the Theory Behind Ultrasonic Pest Control?

Ultrasonic devices send out a frequency that is out of human hearing range, but within the range of rodents and other pests. The human audible spectrum is typically 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It’s not just devices that vibrate at this frequency. If you notice a drop in pest activity and your fridge is older, it’s been windy or a storm is brewing, it’s because appliances and inclement weather can also send out a high pitch frequency. Another clue? Your dog cowers and acts strange before you notice a bad weather coming. Most animals and insects don’t like high pitched frequencies, which is why ultrasonic devices are thought to work.

But do They Work?

The quick answer is “meh.” The professional answer backed up by science, tests and customer experience is “mixed, unreliable and largely not worth the money.” Yes, ultrasonic devices have some effect on some critters, but seldom on the big ones like cockroaches, ants and spiders. Even worse, some vermin that are at first bothered by the frequency simply adapt and carry on being pesky pests. Other issues that arise when the devices are partly successful is the placement – the frequency can be interrupted by other frequency emitting devices in the home, interfere with important signals like burglar alarms, be blocked by furnishings or unable to carry through walls.

When they do work, they may not have the desired effect. Some rodents are pets – the device may cause your kid’s hamster or rabbit to feel distress.

But hey, don’t take our word for it! We are, after all, a professional pest control in South Florida company, with a vested interest in eradicating vermin from Miami Dale County, Broward County and Monroe County! So…. please take the advice of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Woah, the FTC is Involved?

The FTC is absolutely involved. The organization has determined that much of these devices are overblown and in many cases, intentionally misleading. Several have received warning letters about false advertising.

What Does All This Have to Do with a Haunted House?

While humans cannot hear much above 20 kHz, we can absolutely feel it. Frequencies in the infrasound range can make you feel a sense of anxiety and dread and can even induce hallucinations. Check out Mushroom Magazine’s excellent article about the “fear frequency.”

One of the best examples we have of this phenomenon is from the man that largely brought it to light, Vic Tandy. This engineer was treated to the full spectrum of fear – coldness, dread, seeing a humanoid shape out of the corner of his eye watching him, as he worked in a lab. Realizing the feeling was concentrated in one area of the room, Tandy faced his fear and noticed a vibrating foil blade in a clamp. He did some engineering math, fixed the problem, and all the chills disappeared.

This effect is also known as the Ghost in the Machine, and has been tested, observed and replicated under a variety of conditions. Many paranormal events can actually be traced back to this – a frequency that gives you the chills.

What to Do if You Want Humane Pest Control in South Florida?

When the critters move in and you want them out but want humane pest control in South Florida, don’t plug in a device. Pick up the phone and call Duck Duck Pest Control. While some vermin must be eradicated for your own safety and to maintain a building envelope’s structural integrity, larger pests can be trapped and relocated. Where sprays and eradication are necessary, our products are safe around pets and children, while still taking care of the pests as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

We share your concerns about humane pest control, so contact us today. Choose a solution that won’t leave you “haunted” with regret.


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